• The Craft Of Connection

    So much success in business is built on forming strong personal connections. It’s about listening so that people speak and speaking so that people listen. At McKechnie Pullan our job is to help you succeed by mastering the craft of connection.

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What We Do

How We Do It

In our sessions we use exercises that are practical, applicable and fun. We also use video feedback. What you leave with is an effective toolbox of communication skills which you can start using the moment you walk out of the door.

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Who We Are

Between the two of us we have over twenty years of communication coaching experience to some of the world’s top organisations.

But before that we both worked at the sharp end as professional actors on stage, television, film and radio with everyone from the Royal Shakespeare Company and the BBC to Paramount Pictures.

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  • W B Yeats

    'Think like a wise man, but communicate in the language of the people.'