How PIE helps your impact.

Written by David Pullan

How PIE helps your impact.


It’s time for some PIE?


Now before you shout at me that you’re off carbs for January, or that if you ever see another piece of left over turkey hidden under pastry you won’t be held responsible for your actions, let me explain.


This is a different PIE.


This is the formula that says the impact you make consists of your,

  • Performance
  • Impact
  • Exposure.

Your performance is the job you do. It’s how well you perform the functional daily duties within your role. Quite frankly, helping you with that isn’t within our remit at McKechnie Pullan.


Your impact is the impression you create. It’s the YOU that you present in any communication situation. That of course is our bread and butter and we’d be delighted to help you.


But exposure is interesting. Essentially it means, who are you meeting and talking to? Who knows that you are doing all of this great performance?


In my experience some people are very bad at managing and maximising their exposure. Maybe they are shy. Maybe they fear being accused of arrogance. Whatever the reason they don’t think about it and just hope that they will be noticed.


I’ve particularly noticed this with my female clients. They are brilliant at what they do, but no one hears about it. 


Now I would never tell you to go about bragging, but I do think that it is wise to set  a bit of strategy around your exposure, especially if you are looking to move up the ladder or get new clients.


I suggest you think about it in this way.

  • Who are you going to talk to?
  • What are you going to talk about?
  • Why should they care? This is very important and removes any arrogance.
  • How are you going to communicate?
  • How often are you going to communicate?

Have a think about this during the week and start answering those five questions.


And help yourself to some PIE this January




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  • W B Yeats

    'Think like a wise man, but communicate in the language of the people.'