How To Get Your Point In At Meetings

Written by David Pullan

How To Get Your Point In At Meetings

Picture the scene.


You’re in a meeting. It’s kicked off and everybody is Alpha-ing about as they talk over each other. It’s like a runaway bus! Nothing is being achieved and there’s a danger that you’ll end up having another meeting to discuss this meeting.


You on the other hand, calm rational presence that you are, can see how to summarise the points of the warring factions and bring this  meeting bus to a peaceful halt.


You’re like Keanu in ‘Speed.’


One problem: you can’t get on the bus!


Here are three tips to help you get your point in when a meeting is speeding away.


1. Speak up: Part of the reason you aren’t getting your point in is that you feel self conscious. Part of the reason you feel self conscious is that you are keeping your energy locked inside. You will be amazed how much your nerves decrease if you just project your voice a bit more.


2. Use Names: This is like a piercing whistle to a mad dog. There’s nothing like using their name to stop an Alpha type in their tracks. They love it because it appeals to the human need to be acknowledged and strokes their ego.


3. Build: Another ego stroking trick. Alpha types rarely acknowledge and build on the ideas of others. But they love it if it happens to them. Try to find a way that your idea hooks on to the idea of someone else.


So here’s an example.


You: (loud voice) Marmaduke. I think your idea about organising the paper clips would be brilliant if we spent some budget on labels so that we know exactly which pot holds the very popular yellow ones.


Simple eh? Loud voice, name and build.


And no runaway bus.



photo credit: Stagecoach Manchester


  • W B Yeats

    'Think like a wise man, but communicate in the language of the people.'