How To Survive A Christmas Party

Written by David Pullan

How To Survive A Christmas Party

So it’s the last week before Christmas and I’m going to take a ‘blogiday’ until Friday January 8th.


So what better way to sign off than with a thought about how to survive last minute Christmas parties?


I’ve read a lot recently about how Twitter and Candy Crush can save you at an event where you don’t know anyone. You just fire them up on your phone, add a worried frown and you look like a very important person who is up against a tight deadline.


What a waste!


Who might you have met who could have changed your life while you were leaking information to GCHQ or checking up on Lady Gaga?


Here’s a thought about how to get out there and work the room.


The key is to make the other ‘fella’ look good.


This is a fundamental skill of improvisation.


If you go into an improvised scene with the sole intention of looking great at the expense of others then I can guarantee the scene will fail and you along with everyone else will look like a fool.


If however you go into a scene with a sense of excitement at what you might discover about other people, and a determination to make them look good in the eyes of the audience, then you and they will look great.


It’s a simple matter of, 

  • Being curious about other people, 
  • Being fascinated in what you find, and 
  • Being willing to be express your amazement in the lives of others.

Do this and you will make your time at parties and networking events so much more enjoyable because you’ve made it more enjoyable for other people.


So here’s my Christmas challenge. Determine to meet five new people over this period, or to speak to five people who you might have avoided out of fear or arrogance.


Be fascinated in them. Ask questions. Make them look great.


You never know, might just change their life and yours.


Happy Christmas.




photo credit


  • W B Yeats

    'Think like a wise man, but communicate in the language of the people.'