Motivation in 2016

Written by David Pullan

Motivation in 2016

Well hello everyone.


We survived! It’s a New Year.


So let’s get it off to a good start


Hide the Quality Street under the stairs. Set up some networking meetings. And maybe determine to learn more than the first five bars of ‘Stairway To Heaven.’


I’m reading a lot and I’m feeling in the pink.


Well, Daniel Pink to be honest; the motivation man.


In his book ‘Drive,’ Pink talks about three types of motivation, or the reasons why we do things.


Motivation 1.0 is biological need. It’s survival and safety. It’s why we hide the Quality Street.


Motivation 2.0 is carrot and stick. It's cause and effect. If you do a) then b) will happen. It’s why we network.


But type 3 is what he calls Intrinsic Motivation. The main reward comes from doing the task itself. You won’t live longer. You won’t make money. But you’ll feel great. That’s why we learn ‘Stairway.’ It’s fun.


This has made me think a lot about the leader’s role in helping a team to find intrinsic motivation.


Last week my sister in law asked me to help her with a proposal for a piece of work.


She was a great leader.


She set the parameters. She gave me free rein to create the solution. And she praised, appreciated and acknowledged my efforts.


As a result I’m feeling great. I feel energised and I’ll jump at the opportunity to help her again, even if this leads nowhere. I am intrinsically motivated.


This week I challenge you to get out and offer thanks and appreciation to people in your teams. And please look as if you mean it. You’ll be surprised at the motivation you create for the New Year.


See you next week. ‘Ahem…There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold, and she’s buying a stairway to…’


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