One to One Leadership Coaching

Our starting premise is that every piece of communication is a piece of leadership communication. Whether you are a CEO leading a global team; a member of the executive seeking to work effectively with peers; a rising leader seeking to persuade or influence the board; or a team pitching for a crucial account - you are always leading people through thought, feeling and action.

In order to do this most effectively you need to understand the key components of connected leadership and apply them appropriately according to the context. More importantly you need to embody them in a way that is powerful and authentic for you.

Of course this process will be different for every individual.

That is why we recommend starting any work with us by undertaking our simple 360 feedback process to uncover your communication strengths and development points. From here we will work with you to design the coaching approach that will address your needs in terms of impact, listening, storytelling and stakeholder management.

We also work with clients on specific projects such as succession planning, developing and delivering conference speeches, job interviews and media appearances.

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  • W B Yeats

    'Think like a wise man, but communicate in the language of the people.'